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Haflinger model Switzerland 1:43 Haflinger model Switzerland 1:43
Haflinger model Switzerland 1:43  

   Haflinger model

  ratio 1:43


                    price: 95,00€





 Haflinger Model 1:43  Haflinger model "Post"

  ratio 1:43


                             price: 122,00€



function jacket with logo

outer jacket

outer jacket frontside



   outer jacket

   outer jacket backside



inner jacket (Fleece)

inner jacket (Fleece) frontside


   inner jacket (Fleece)

   inner jacket (Fleece) backside


     water proofedand breathable  jacket 3-in1

     Isotex 5000; quick-drying and easy to clean

     treated with ATL for

     optimized water deviation

     Fleecejacket inside

     Anti-pill finish for a beautiful and

     durable finish  


    both with embroidered logos

             price: 199,00€







Haflingermodel 1:43  Haflinger model

  scale 1:43


                             price: 89,90€

Haflingermodel 1:43







Buch über Haflinger und Pinzgauer book Hans und Erich Ledwinka  
book about Haflinger, Puch 500 und Pinzgauer

The theme of PUCH HAFLINGER is extensively described on 24 pages and has 36 photos and 20 technical sketches.
The PUCH PINZGAUER is described on pages 28 and 40 Pinzgauer pictures and 20 technical sketches of the Puch Pinzgauers are pictured.
Also be described numerous Tatra vehicles in all variants and many other and mapped.


              price: 48,00€



Haflinger Blechschild  Haflinger tin-plate sign


         Preis: 16,90€



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