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Ratschenspanngurt 4t

Ratschenspanngurt 4t

tension belt

50mm broad, 6m length, with hook (4t)


           price: 10,50€







Spanngurt PKW (3m)Spanngurt PKW (3m)Kabel



tension belt for car transport 3 pieces

50mm broad with trapeze band 3m length


          price: 18€



Spanngurt PKW (2,5m)Spanngurt PKW (2,5m)

Spanngurt PKW (2,5m)


tension belt for car transport 3 pieces

35mm broad with trapeze band 2,5m length


         price: 12€




Ratschenspanngurt 4tRatschenspanngurt 4ttension belt

35mm broad, 4m length with hook (2t)


       price: 7,20€







 Mossgummi-Profil für Werkzeug- und Batteriekasten  foamed rubber profil  tool box or battery box


                price: 13,20€ / RM



 U-lock U-lock

  T87/50A; 5340-0-201-0005

                                  Preis:  1,00€





U-lock U-lock

  T87/50; 2540-0-201-0017

                                  Preis:  0,60€





LampensortimentLampevarious lamps

(details table)


           price: ab 0,90€

   symbol picture





KabelsortimentKabelvarious vehicle cables

1², 2.5² und 4²mm

various colours

(details table)


 symbol picture                 price: >0,60€/m





 air hose 165 12 air hose 165/12 {Vredestein}

  T40/14; 700-153-0031

                                  price:  18,00€




 Hardi fuel pump Hardi fuel pump


                                  price:  78,00€




 ignition coil (Bosch) ignition coil (Bosch)

  T59/25; S001-901-0757

                                  price:  36,00€




fuel hose  fuel hose (sold by the meter)  


           price: 4,90€/lfm




interior light blue  interior light  


           price: 15,00€



hemp rope  hemp rope 

  6 m / 8 mm

           price: 9,90€






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